Fields of Expertise

General: Books, Articles, reviews
Religion: Islam,
Journalism: News, News articles, Political news, Politics (general),
Social Issues, Social Justice,
Certificate: Marriage certificates, Birth certificates, Death certificates, etc.
Surveys: Survey sheet, Survey templates, opinion polls,
Legal Documents, such as, birth certificates, marriage certificates, visas, police complaints, law, court summons etc,
Medical related information booklets, leaflets and folders etc including Information Sheet, Urdu Informed Consent Form (ICF), Medicine Catalogue, Patients’ survey forms, various other healthcares services related documents, leaflets, folders, sheets etc,
Letters such as, personal, official and business letters,
Progress Report of Elementary schools, Students’ progress table of KG and Elementary schools
Instructions for the parents of Nursery and KG children
Commercial: Promotional materials, like catalogs, offer leaflets, folders, advertisements,  etc,
Consumer survey sheets and folders, Consumers’ satisfaction surveys etc.
Public awareness and information sheets, etc
Instructions and directions for laborers etc,
English Learning Materials  
And the translation of several general articles,

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